Wakefern Associates Pitch in at Stores and Warehouses

When Wakefern Food Corp. President and COO Joe Sheridan asked associates to consider volunteering at stores and warehouses, the response was fast and impressive. Wakefern, the largest retailer-owned cooperative in the U.S., knew that increased demand at its ShopRite, Price Rite Marketplace and Fresh Grocer stores meant that extra hands were needed to keep shelves stocked and operations running smoothly during the current public emergency.

Many people who normally work in Wakefern offices – and now from home during the COVID-19 crisis – answered the call for help at member stores and warehouses. A few of those associates recently took some time out to share insights about their experiences volunteering in warehouses and stores.

Cathy Houston
Volunteering at: Elizabeth, NJ Warehouse
Wakefern role: Efficient Retail Operations Coach

“The warehouse associates and office staff have been extremely helpful and encouraging. They make sure everyone is properly trained and comfortable on the equipment. I’ve been working six-seven days a week in the York Street grocery facility. Knowing that because I’m helping, the stores can get more products on the shelves, and customers can get what they need, gives me a great sense of accomplishment!”

Anthony Marano
Volunteering at: Elizabeth, NJ Warehouse
Wakefern role: Retail Operations Manager

“I’m very thankful to the team we worked with. Overall, I am glad we could offer the stores and warehouses a little relief with all they’re dealing with. It’s so important to keep our frontline associates supported and motivated.”

Lori Battista
Volunteering at: The Fresh Grocer, Colonia, NJ
Wakefern role: Corporate Event Planner

“I believed that volunteering in the stores would be a great way for me to help out a part of our company that needs it the most right now. The store associates have been taking everything in stride, while being super-friendly and helpful with me and customers during this situation. I’ve been assisting with getting products and putting out new price tags. I definitely recommend volunteering in the stores. I’m new to the grocery industry, so I’ve already learned so much that we don’t get from just sitting in a cube in the office.”

Darrian Grant
Volunteering at: The Fresh Grocer, Colonia, NJ
Wakefern role: Retail Operations Counselor

“Volunteering just went right back to my ‘grocery roots’ from my first days as a grocery clerk, 32 years ago. I have been packing out Dairy, Grocery, and Frozen Food for the last five weeks –  side-by-side with the store associates – letting them know that just because I am on the corporate side, it doesn’t mean that I don’t mind rolling up my sleeves and pitching in.”

Quintessence Jones
Volunteering at: ShopRite of Linden, NJ
Wakefern role: Junior Accountant

“I wanted to lend a helping hand wherever I could. I (worked as) a cashier each day, but with an extra line open, the customers did not have to wait very long. I volunteered for three days, and would definitely go back if needed. It was a different experience working at a grocery store, but I enjoyed my time and the people that I got to meet.”