Wakefern’s Everyday Commitment to Earth Day

The ShopRite of Greater Morristown earlier this month became the first supermarket in New Jersey to install a Tesla capable charging station for electric cars, and the ShopRite of Burlington recently installed a cogeneration station to recycle leftover energy to create more sustainable power.

And those are just two of the most recent examples of the sustainable solutions our ShopRite supermarkets are implementing with the help of Wakefern Food Corp.

The stores that belong to our retail cooperative today operate more efficiently, donate more fresh food and compost and recycle more than ever. At the same time, ShopRite stores are also stocking more sustainable grocery and household products and outfitting stores with energy efficient lighting, refrigeration, and even rooftop solar panels.

In short, we are helping shrink our environmental footprint because we live here too.

Our associates are also pitching in to help in the communities where our stores operate. ShopRite and Price Rite associates will plant 80 small trees at Reverend Evers Park in Camden next month. And ShopRite Green Teams in several of our stores have been recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency for their work in reducing waste and recycling, composing and donating more fresh food.

We are proud of ShopRite’s  environmental efforts during Earth Month and all year round! 

And there’s more to the story

Did You Know?

  • ShopRite composted more than 14,500 tons of materials in 2015. It’s true! Add to that all of the food we donate to food banks and local pantries and we are reducing our environmental impact while we help feed hungry people.
  • ShopRite has recycled enough corrugated cardboard over the last 3decades to fill 300 Olympic-sized swimming pools (We have our own recycling facility!)
  • ShopRite conducts its own “ShopRite Earth Day Challenge” each year, asking volunteers to clean local parks and beaches and plant flowers. To date, over 31,000 volunteers – all wearing gloves and using trash bags donated by ShopRite – have participated in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. Call 1-800 ShopRite to receive free materials for your next community clean up!
  • ShopRite partners with many different environmental groups to coordinate coastal cleanups, tree plantings, wetland protection and numerous environmental education activities. For more information, visit shoprite.com/the-environment.