ShopRite Named “Most Trusted Conventional Grocery Store in the Northeast”

Keasbey, NJ – (February 6, 2024) – ShopRite has once again been named the “Most Trusted Conventional Grocery Store in the Northeast” in this year’s edition of the BrandSpark Most Trusted Awards. Research and consulting firm BrandSpark International, in coordination with Newsweek magazine, conducted an extensive survey to assess which brands American customers trust the most. For the third year in a row, ShopRite earned the most trusted honor amongst supermarkets in the Northeast.

“We are so proud that our customers have again named ShopRite as their most trusted supermarket. The majority of our stores are family-owned and operated by grocers who live and work in the neighborhoods they serve. These close connections with communities help us create shopping experiences that our customers value and trust,” said Mike Stigers, President of Wakefern Food Corp., the retailer-owned supermarket cooperative and marketing and distribution arm of ShopRite.

As part of the ranking, brands were considered in 10 broad sectors, with grocery brands included in the retail sector, and shoppers were asked to vote on which brands they trust the most and why. Participants cited transparency in business practices, fair prices, and timely customer service as important to their vote.
“BrandSpark’s highly credible list of brands that are most trusted by American shoppers helps consumers make more informed shopping decisions, while enabling brands to leverage and communicate their hard-earned trust,” said Adam Bellisario, Associate Vice-President of the BrandSpark Most Trusted Awards.

ShopRite earns trust by providing the best value and shopping experience to customers through its huge assortment of fresh produce and groceries, Own Brands, online shopping, loyalty program and sales such as the iconic Can Can event, which recently wrapped up its 53rd annual January run.

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