ShopRite Of Bensalem Recalls Store-Made Ground Meat

KEASBEY, NJ – NOVEMBER 27, 2009 — The ShopRite of Bensalem located at 2200 Bristol Road has voluntarily recalled all store-made ground meat that was produced on Friday, November 27. The meat may contain small pieces of Styrofoam tray.

Only store-made ground meat, including ground beef and meatloaf mix, produced in the Bensalem store on Friday, November 27 with a sell-by date of November 27 is affected by this recall. The store was alerted to the issue by a customer who purchased the ground beef on Friday afternoon and later discovered small pieces of pink Styrofoam tray when they cooked the ground beef at home. The meat was not consumed and no injury or illness occurred. The store immediately removed all varieties of store-made ground meat from the case. No other complaints were reported. A full investigation into the matter is currently underway.

“Our customers’ safety is our first priority and we are taking the necessary steps to notify customers who purchased the product,” said Jeff Brown, president and owner of Brown’s Super Stores.

While ShopRite believes that the ground meat does not pose an immediate health hazard, the store is taking the precautionary step to alert consumers of the matter and will issue refunds to those customers who purchased store-made ground meat with a sell-by date of November 27. This is an isolated incident that affects only the ShopRite store located at 2200 Bristol Road, Bensalem, PA. No other stores are affected by the recall.

Customers with questions regarding the recall should contact ShopRite at 1-800-SHOPRITE